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 ・Abby Lincoln/Painted lady(blue marge)
 ・Alberta Hunter/Amtrak Blues(columbia)
 ・Billie Holiday/lady In satin(verve)
 ・Carrie Smith(west54)

 ・Ester Philips/Alone Again,Naturally(kudu)
 ・Dee Dee Bridgewater/Red Earth(universal)
 ・Ella Fitzgerald/jazz At The Santamonica Cicic '72(pablo)
 ・Jimmy Rushing/Five Feet Of Soul(chent)

 ・Lorez Alexandria/Deep Roots(argo)
 ・Louis Armstrong/And his Friends(flying dutchman)
 ・Mahalia Jackson/Newport 1958(CBS)
 ・The Mills Brothers/the Board Of Directors(dot)

 ・Nina Simone/Pastel Blues(mercury)
 ・Roberta Flack/First take(atlantic)
 ・Rita Reys/Jazz Pictures(philips)
 ・Salena Jones/Alone & Together(RCA)

 ・Sarah Vaughan/O Som Brasileiro(RCA)
 ・Kim Parker/Good Girl(soul note)
 ・Gil Evans Orchestra featuring Sting/In Perugia


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